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Sonship School of the Firstborn is a "School within the Church."

Sonship School of the Firstborn is a one year course of

study, and  is concentrated solely in the discipline of ministry studies and disciple building.

Hence, our focus is geared towards those desiring to have a deeper understanding of Jesus through God's Word (the Holy Bible).

In addition, it is for the certification of able ministers, who have been equipped with

sound doctrine  and are able to teach others what they have been taught.

Upon successful completion of the one year course of study, students will receive a certificate of diploma. Bestowing upon them the seal of the Holy Spirit; as they grow from those who have been saved, to servants, to soldiers, and ultimately, to sons in God (the High Calling through Christ Jesus) .

Get signed up for our 2020 class!

For enrollment information contact the Agape Church Administrative Offices at 443.640.7491 or

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