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Yvonne Marie Austin is the Co-founder and Executive Pastor of Agape Church; an energetic, multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and multi-generational body of Believers,

in Havre de Grace, Maryland. 

Gifted with an ability to plan, design, create, and organize; Pastor Yvonne is a visionary that loves to produce worship services that become an experience for those in attendance. She is driven to lead people into the presence of the Lord through singing of praise and worship, dance, and other creative means that give God glory.

While a worshipper at heart, Pastor Yvonne is an influential and dynamic five-fold Teacher of the Bible. She has been certified for her calling by completing

Sonship School of the Firstborn in 2012.

While being saved at a young age and the daughter of a Reverend, Pastor Yvonne has a unique capability to minister to the unchurched with compassion,

consideration and care towards those seeking Jesus Christ.

A caring and devoted wife, mother and daughter, Pastor Yvonne also serves her

community as an entrepreneur and business woman.

Her ultimate desire is to please the Lord while teaching people to love like Him and establish a full assurance in the heart (F.A.i.T.H.); all while helping them to find

their purpose in Him through relationship.

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