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B.O.S.S. Lady 2023

     This women’s ministry is to encourage, inspire, and edify God’s Beloved ladies in waiting.

In order to develop a deeper, stronger, mature and personal relationship with Christ Jesus

(Your MAN with the Master plan!).

     In the B.O.S.S Lady ministry we will discover who we are, by connecting our identity to HIS DIVINITY.

The term boss in the world is a description of a person in charge, or an owner. However, God said, “Encourage My ladies in waiting that they are all bosses; B.elieving O.bedient S.isters S.erving!”

Let this be our daily goal, to let God be in charge of our lives and Owner of our souls.

     Becoming a true B.elieving O.bedient S.ister S.erving (B.O.S.S Lady) is done by first

aligning our will with HIS WILL.


     Lastly, as we mature and develop from girls to women, God said, “As you mature, let your confession go from, “I am a I am a Lady!” The character of a lady is to poise herself with virtue, wisdom, and strength given by the Holy Spirit.


 The Word of God says, “God is within her, and she will not fall…” - Psalm 46:5


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